Welcome to my personal site. More often than not, this is going to be where I post about things that I’m interested in regardless of the actual topic. I am a graduate from University of Maryland, University College, where I earned my BS in Information Systems Management. I am currently the lead technical account manager at a tech startup in Crofton, Maryland called Peake Technology Partners. We serve as a managed service provider for nearly 70 organizations in the region. 

I’m very interested in IT convergence and making systems and organizations more efficient in their usage of IT. My goal is to someday lead an IT organization of my own in the form of an IT Director or CIO.

I get really excited about technology. Everything that we manage to do as humans to make our lives easier (and in some ways more difficult) is incredible to me. I look forward to advancing my career in the technology field and doing what I can to educate the masses on the things that are important to me through this blog.

Special Thanks to Laura Pavlo for designing my logo!